Think of it this way, you own a profitable hotel. You started out with a small bed and breakfast and business was good so you expanded.  One day as you're driving along the ocean you see a beautiful piece of land with rolling hills, palm trees, and a great view of the ocean. You see a for sale sign and think this would be the perfect piece of land for a resort. Oceanfront property is expensive, but you know there’s only so much to go around. Land like this just won't be available 10 to 20 years from now. So when it comes time to exit your business, divest, or retire, you'll be sitting in the catbird seat and buyers will have to come to you. 

Our domains were acquired with the idea that we wanted to get our hands on the best land we could buy. Our names are one-word or even 2-letter!! properties on extensions that are PERFECT for their concepts.  





gf: girlfriend

bf: boyfriend

md: medical doctor 

The domains we are offering will never come available again because it is the most elegant form of your idea. You are investing in the "Era of the Dot" - when domains slough off their extensions and concepts start to enclose and center around the dot.

The names just can’t get more elegant than that. The entire name is 6 letters!

If you are't sure how investing in a new piece of land can be integrated with your legacy site, we can help you with keeping your old domain while at the same time adding the new one, so you'll understand how the new land and website will immediately get off to the right start.